Want a Bold New Curb Appeal With Fabulous Windows?

Everything You Need To Know About Windows and Curb Appeal

First impressions always last. Your home’s curb appeal is no different. By the time someone walks up to your front door they’ve already formed an opinion on what your interior must be like. They’ve also probably formed an opinion of who you are.

90% of real estate agents agree that a buyer’s first impression of the home’s front entry was enough to close the deal. This may be because more than 80% of them have experienced potential buyers who simply decline to view the interior of the house based on its curb appeal.

Perhaps your home is slightly outdated and styles have changed since the time your home was built?

All you have to do is step outside, walk across the road, and turn around. Do you like what you see? If you don’t like it, chances are that other’s may feel the same.

Replacement Windows

More than 50% of agents have advised sellers to update their windows in order to improve curb appeal, and according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), correctly chosen and installed windows eventually pay for themselves. Homeowners can expect anywhere between 81% – 88% return on window upgrades, no matter what the state of the housing market. New windows will instantly transform a home’s average curb appeal into a marvelous new look.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all windows are created equally. Your choice of style, color, and material will determine how well they enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you are ready to give your home a facelift, it really comes down to every homeowner’s unique situation. Consider the following:

Window Material

The quality of the materials will naturally affect the home’s overall look. If you want to go with a classic choice, wood may be for you. Wood does, however, require more maintenance and it is susceptible to rot. Many homeowners prefer to use a different material, and the window industry’s leading manufacturers now produce materials immune to rot, peel, crack and corrosion – which will not detract from the overall aesthetic of your property.

Traditional Vs. Contemporary

Do you want to remain historically correct, or do you want a new, updated look? You should try to mirror your neighbors and stick to your home’s architectural style. In some situations, you should aim for punctuating your home’s style rather than creating a brand new one. Home’s which tend to be traditionally appealing are much more sought after.

Window Color

Colors bring personality to your home. For many home buyers, however, eye catching and dramatic colors could be hit and miss. Dark, earthy, and muted colors are much more desirable while brown, canvas, forest green, black, and white frames still make you stand out with a timeless, elegant touch. You can also use semi-gloss or gloss exterior paint to make your windows stand out. Splotchy work will be immediately noticeable, so if you’re not up to doing the painting yourself, consider hiring a painter.

Window Coverings

It’s important to be consistent with the color in the backing of your window coverings too. If you are using blinds, louvers, interior shutters, or shades, be sure to match them in order to maintain continuity of color throughout. Matched blinds and curtains add a lot to the perception of quality of your home. Be careful when choosing the size and shape of your shutters too. If your home is too small, shutters may not work. If your windows are too close to the corner of the house, the shutters might overlap the edge of the home.

Punctuated Windows

Never underestimate the use of lighting to ad to your home’s curb appeal. When lit at night, windows become a welcome exterior attraction to viewers who may be passing by. Window lights can be set with timers, and you should consider decorations like window boxes with flowers to further enhance the charm of your home.


To maximize the effectiveness of your windows, be sure to keep them clean and well maintained. A prospective buyer’s first glimpse of cleanliness starts outside in the driveway and on the lawn.

Make a Statement

Windows can make a statement about you and your home, and there are several windows which can really punctuate your home’s curb appeal to let the architecture and aesthetic appeal speak for itself. With new replacement windows, you can now create and combine an endless variety of geometric shapes for perfect head-turning curb appeal.

Consider the following shapes to make the biggest statement:

  • Eyebrow windows: Common in attics or rooms on the upper floor, these are interesting from the outside and the inside
  • Oval windows: Oval windows really compliment curvy architecture
  • Larger windows: Larger windows of the same shape are the wow factor
  • Garage windows: An entirely aesthetic addition to enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Other Benefits

There are of course many other benefits to updating and upgrading the windows, apart from just an overall increase in your home’s value and enhanced curb appeal. Some of these benefits include:

  • Higher efficiency with reduced monthly electric bills
  • Durability through superior quality materials
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Noise reduction
  • Increase airflow
  • Increased natural light
  • UV protection

Overall Impression

Upgrading your windows to higher quality products will give potential buyers and other passers-by a great first impression of your home. High-quality windows also lead to the impression that the homeowner has taken care of everything else, including the design, lighting, paint, flooring and more.

In today’s ever changing housing market, very few things can compare to the overall impact replacement windows have on your property’s curb appeal. Be sure to select the right type so that you don’t regret it later down the line.

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