How To Heat Your Home For Cheap

These days, we can all use as much savings as we can find. It’s easy to see why people look for savings in any form. To help out – we have compiled a list of the best ways to heat your home for cheap!

Balloons for Your Chimney

Sounds strange? If you have a fireplace that isn’t being used for anything other than decoration, it’s a great idea to add a chimney balloon to prevent heat loss. Often overlooked, your chimney can be responsible for a massive amount of heat loss. A specially designed laminate material can be inserted inside the chimney and inflated to completely shut the chimney. This will block any cold air from coming in and prevent your heat from escaping, leaving your home much warmer without any extra heating costs.

Tin Foil

A great way to gain extra heating capabilities without adding to your costs is by using the natural heat reflective disposition of tin foil. By adding tin foil behind your radiator, you can prevent unnecessary heat loss through walls and help focus the heat forward.

Draft Eliminators

Placing draft eliminators in front of doorways help cover the natural gaps between your door and flooring. This is perhaps the most old-fashioned method that works really well for helping you keep the heat in your home without adding to the cost of your heating.

Channel Warmth with a New Shelf

Adding a decorative shelf can add some much-needed storage space but, when placed above your radiator, it can also help you to channel the warmth throughout the space. This helps you better heat your home with the heat you already have.

Plastic is Your Friend

Plastic sheathing is a great, inexpensive way to heat your home for cheap! Did you know? You can lose up to 25% of your home’s heat through drafty windows and doors. A great way to heat for cheap is by using the heat you’ve already paid for – with plastic sheathing. Sealing off windows and unused doors in your home is a great way to use the heat you already have to warm the space you are using even more efficiently.


Who doesn’t love something for free? One of the best sources of natural warmth is sunlight, so take advantage! As the day warms up, open your curtains and shades to let the warmth infiltrate your home. Be sure to promptly close your curtains when the sun begins to go down to retain this free heat in your home!

Get Clean AND Warm

While you lather up in the shower, leave the door open! Taking your shower with the door open lets the steamy, warm air move through your home, giving you that extra boost of heating without the extra boost in heating costs!