storage boxes to organize your homeSo you’ve decided to start decluttering. Time to get organized! It’s always a good idea to have a game plan. With a bit of careful planning, you can get done in the most efficient way possible. Here are 4 things you need before you can start:

1. Sorting Containers

You’ll need at least three boxes, bags or other containers to enable you to sort through the clutter as you go. If you’re sorting through general clutter, the three main categories are items to be thrown away, items to be given away, and items to keep. If you have a lot of things that belong in another room in the house, then maybe that warrants another container for items belonging elsewhere. If you are going through paper clutter, your three containers should be papers to throw away, papers to be shredded (those containing personal information like bank account numbers etc), and papers to be kept. Tip: don’t make the containers so large that they’ll be too heavy to move when they’re full.

2. Time Management

For starters, 30 minutes is ideal, but 15 minutes or even 5 minutes at a time will work. How you work it into your day is up to you – but it might require getting up a bit earlier, sacrificing some TV or online time, or even staying up a bit later. Whatever it takes. Just make sure that your allotted time is dedicated to decluttering – no multi-tasking allowed!

3. Get a Timer

A timer will loudly proclaim the time your “sentence” is up. One with a buzzer or alarm is fine – like a kitchen timer, the clock on your oven, or the alarm on your cell phone. You’re only committing to a certain time, so it’s much easier to get stuck into a task we dislike when we know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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4. Mood Swings

Don’t I need to wait until I’m in the right mood? (Another excuse!) No, just get started whether you feel like it or not – it’s only for 30 (or 15 or 5) minutes!

You’ll be amazed how good you feel once you have made a start towards organizing your home and decluttering. Make sure you take the time to enjoy that sense of achievement – you’ve earned it!

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